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Pipe End Preparation Tools - Pipe Prep Machines | Victaulic

Victaulic confidence technologies enable risk mitigation through error proofing, controlled ends, safety and intelligence. Proven performance with outstanding customer support and service make Victaulic the #1 provider for grooving and press tools.

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Roll Groove Tools for Pipe Systems & Fire Protection | Victaulic

Browse Victaulic roll groove tools product listings for piping systems & fire protection. Find roll grooving tools that can be used on a variety of pipe materials & size ranges.

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Victaulic VE460 Roll Grooving Tool - Roll Groove Tools

VE460 Roll Grooving Tool The fully-motorized, semi-automatic, electrohydraulic tool comes complete with safety guards and safety foot switch Enhanced tracking rolls help to keep the pipe on the tool during the roll grooving process Support bases are required to groove pipe sizes 26″| DN650 and larger.

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Victaulic VE270FSD/271FSD Roll Grooving Tool - Roll Groove Tools

Victaulic VE270FSD/271FSD Roll Grooving Tool - Roll Groove Tools VE270FSD/271FSD Roll Grooving Tool Completely self-contained unit with integral gear motor, safety guards, safety foot switch and power cord/plug Equipped with a unique pivot arm design, making roll changing quick and easy without removing shafts

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VICTAULIC VG412 Grooving Machines - MachineTools.com

STYLE VG412 ORBITAL MACHINING GROOVING TOOL. Specifically designed for field closure pieces (not suitable for production grooving) External mounting and drive action is particularly suited to cement lined ductile iron pipe grooving. Hinged frame design allows cutting at any point along the pipeline. Drive Requirements: 120 volt, 11.5 amp

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