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Toprofile – Profiling System, Tile Beveling Machine - Montolit

Miter cuts can easily be achieved by putting the beveling machine’s slide plate (made of scratch-resistant plastic material) on the tile or slab surface, starting the engine and sliding the machine along the edge; when the diamond wheel finishes removing the required material according to the work you want to perform, the operation will be concluded with extreme accuracy.

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How To Use A Plate Beveller? - BDS Machines

May 01, 2020 · ‹ Switch on the machine, see section Switching on the plate beveling machine. ‹ Slide the plate beveling machine slowly and evenly from right to left in the direction of the arrow. The tool operates against the direction of travel. ‹ Switch off the plate beveling machine, see section Switching the plate beveling machine on/off.

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