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Which is the best plasma cutter nozzle in India?

Our firm has marked a distinct position in the market by offering a high quality series of Plasma Cutter Nozzle that is enormously employed in the market. read more... read more...

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Selecting plasma cutting consumables - The Fabricator

May 22, 2019 · Cut height is the ideal height that your CNC machine and height control should maintain once the machine starts cutting and moving forward. If the torch gets more than about 0.005 in. higher than the suggested setting, expect angularity, a wider kerf, dross, and possible warpage on thin materials.

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What kind of material can you cut with a CNC machine?

Since most CNC cutting machines today are equipped with both plasma and gas cutting, most customers cut thin material with plasma and switch from plasma to gas at ¾ to 1in. thick materials.

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How to improve your CNC plasma cut quality?

Avoid piercing: Whenever possible use chain cutting or edge starting (for example off the edge of a punched hole) to reduce the number of pierces. Proper cut height is critical due to the shape of the plasma arc. The arc is an hour glass type shape and if your height is not correct you will end up with excessive bevel.

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Cut Charts and Marking Charts - Plasma Automation

The cut charts in this section are intended to provide a good starting point. Adjust the variables in the cut charts as needed to achieve optimal results for your cutting equipment and environment. Cut charts are provided for each set of mechanized cutting and marking consumables. A consumable diagram with part numbers precedes each cut chart.

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How much does a precision plasma cutting system cost?

Without such technology, cut quality changes dramatically over the life of a consumable set. Today’s automated precision plasma cutting systems are priced between $40,000 (130 amp) and $75,000 (400 amp). Please note that these prices are for a plasma cutting power supply, gas console and torch only – not a complete CNC cutting machine.

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