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Bug-O Systems | Mechanized Solutions For Welding & Cutting

BUG-O Systems is a manufacturer that provides mechanized solutions for welding & cutting. Interchangeable components solve fabrication issues for our customers.

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What are the benefits of Bug O welding?

Welders/operators are removed from the weld puddle and harmful welding exposure effects with Bug-O mechanization. Operator fatigue is reduced since the welding/cutting is performed by the machine and simply monitored by the operator. Uncomfortable repositioning that occurs with manual welding is not experienced.

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Who is the manufacturer of Bug O systems?

The Concept. BUG-O Systems, a Division of Weld Tooling Corporation, founded in 1948, is a manufacturer of a system of drives, carriages, rails and attachments designed to automate welding guns, cutting torches and other hand held tools.

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Powerful Solutions for Welding and Cutting Automation ... - Bug-O

Powerful Solutions for Welding and Cutting Automation Piper-Plus Quick Start Out of the box setup 1) Mount Rail to Pipe (BRR or PSR determined on carriage coniguration) BRR-3250-XX (Two people are recommended) • Place rail over pipe so that rack teeth face away from weld joint , as shown in (Fig. 1.1)

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